Player Information

Player Registration

Register for your free player account in one or all of the Lucky Palace Games Casinos. 

Free Daily Bonus

When the player logs in to his or her account, the application will automatically pop-up the Free Daily Bonus Tokens for them to collect. This application will have a Collect Daily Bonus Button. When it is clicked the free bonus Tokens will fly-up into their account balance for game tokens & sweeps tokens.

Game Currency Mode Options 

After a player has logged in the gaming dashboard, they have the choice of two types of currency, playing game tokens for fun or playing sweeps games for redeemable prices.

Game Tokens (Free to Play) 

Game tokens cannot be redeemed for prizes. The number of Sweeps Tokens a Participant will receive as a bonus for each relevant Game Token purchase will be stated in the purchase window. All purchases of game tokens are final, and no refunds will be given. 

Sweeps Tokens (Redeem for Cash Prizes) 

Participants can receive free Sweeps Tokens on a daily basis by taking the following steps (Daily Bonus):  Log into your account; if you are eligible, a pop-up screen will appear for you to claim your Daily Bonus; Click the “Claim” button at the bottom of the Daily Bonus pop up.  Participants can only claim a Daily Bonus once per day. (The daily clock resets at 12:00 EST). 

How To Buy Additional Tokens?

Lucky Palace Games, offers Token Packages that are available for purchase at any time. From the lobby, select the shopping cart icon. Looking for a deal? We have packages for every players budget.  

How To Redeem Prizes

When a Participant has chosen to redeem prizes for cash, the cash payment will be paid in US to the financial account or online wallet from your purchased game tokens, or if this is not technically possible, then to an alternative bank account you nominate. You can redeem with Cash App. 

Payment Systems

Lucky Palace Games works with many Payment systems, including CashApp,   It takes just a few minutes to create a CashApp account.